BLUETIDE CARIBBEAN - Investment Summit 2022
BLUETIDE CARIBBEAN - Investment Summit 2022

BLUETIDE CARIBBEAN - Investment Summit 2022

Vivo Beach Club


Información sobre el evento



Wednesday, August 17, 2022 
@ Vivo Beach Club, Carolina


The Bluetide Caribbean Investment Summit (BCIS ‘22) aims to attract direct impact investments to Puerto Rico and advance the Blue Economy Strategic Implementation Plan in the U.S. Caribbean. The purpose of this international event is threefold:


  • Introduce the investor community to the innovative investment opportunities that are emerging in Puerto Rico’s hybrid creative industries-blue economy sector.
  • Showcase Puerto Rican government and industry leaders to the ongoing projects being led by the non-profit organization Bluetide Puerto Rico (BTPR) and identify opportunities to collaborate, promoting a robust environment for impact investment and the development of the blue economy.
  • The unveiling of the Impact Rate of Return tool to provide and impact assessment scorecard for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean based opportunities, starting with a hybridized blue economy-creative industries sector to set the stage for local entrepreneurs and organizations, aggregating the local interdisciplinary resources with reliable data and a responsive support network.



  • - Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy,  Chief Precovery Officer
  • - Howard Buffett, President and Founder Global Impact, LLC 
  • - Calandra Cruikshank, CEO and Founder, StateBook International, Inc
  • - Gilles Rollet, Founder, Rollet Reef Foundation
  • - Ziad Alexandre Hayek, Chairman, World Association of PPP Units and Professionals


Local Host Speakers: 

  • - Juan Bauzá, Economic Development Representative, U. S. Department of Commerce
  • - Ramón Barquín, Vice-president Board of Directors Bluetide Puerto Rico Inc.



  • - Manuel Cidre, Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico
  • - Juan Bauzá, Economic Development Representative, EDA, U. S. Department of Commerce
  • - Friedel Stubbe, Chairman, PRISA Group
  • - Ella Woger-Nieves, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Invest Puerto Rico 
  • - Eli Sepúlveda, Executive Vice president of the Credit and Commercial Group, BPPR



General Admission

  • Morning Session (8:00 AM)  - $25.00 + tax & s.c
  • Afternoon Session (cocktail/networking) - $90.00 + tax & s.c
  • BUNDLE ( conference & cocktail/networking) $100 + tax & s.c


Information and Tickets: 787-200-7110 or servicio@prticket.com-  We accept ATHmóvil