Electric Urban Days
Electric Urban Days


Electric Urban Days

Santa Isabel Fairgrounds

Information about the event
Before finishing the purchase of your ticket it is important that you verify the details of the event, terms and conditions, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Información sobre el evento

Electric Urban Days


An unprecedented three-day event where, for the first time in Puerto Rico, two (2) genres of music will come together: Electronic and Urban. More than 20 DJs mixing live the most popular songs of the moment and more than 10 local and international artists on a stage full of special effects, lights, sound, LED screens, paints, colored powders and fireworks.

There will be a painting exhibition from the stage to the public as well as colored powders for the enjoyment of all those present. We will have machines for adults, drink stations, food, among others.

Event from Friday, November 25 to Sunday, November 27, 2022, from 1:00 p.m. at the Santa Isabel Fairgrounds (in front of the Municipal Coliseum and the Santa Isabel State Police Station).


Ticket Category:

General - entrance to the event and access to all the entertainment machines (machinas). They do not have the right of Re-Entry.

VIP- entrance to the event, access to all the machines (machines and photobooth 360), designated entrance, express line and designated area at the event. One (1) Re-Entry per day.

ARENA – includes the VIP, plus two (2) Re-Entry per day.

VIP BALCONY - includes the Arena, plus you will have access to the backstage where you can take photos with two (2) of your favorite artist or DJ. You can be present on the stage designed for them, plus four (4) Re-Entry per day.

Prices per person (does not include IVU or C.S.), customer can choose between tickets for one day, two or three days pass

GENERAL: 1 DAY PASS $45.00 / 2 DAY PASS $80.00 / 3 DAY PASS $125.00

VIP: 1 DAY PASS $75.00 / 2 DAY PASS $130.00 / 3 DAY PASS $195.00

ARENA: 1 DAY PASS $115.00 / 2 DAY PASS $195.00 / 3 DAY PASS $285.00

VIP BALCONY: 1 DAY PASS $250.00 / 2 DAY PASS $475.00 / 3 DAY PASS $695.00

  • ·Before finishing the purchase of your ticket it is important that you verify the details of the event and terms and conditions, all sales are final.
  •  Event for people over 16 years old, all minors (between 16 and 18 years old) must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • The entrance will not be allowed with any item from outside, including, and not limited to drinks, food, coolers, weapons (even with a license), glasses, among others.
  • The production reserves the right to change the artists or DJ's without prior notice.
  •  Do not open money refund for No show, being late or any other reason that is not for one of the production of the event.
  • The use of a mask, like the vaccination mask, is optional, although it is recommended that it be used while it is close to many people.
  •  We reserve the right of admission.

Event produced by Markus “Nino” Irizarry for PREI Events in colaoration with JOZ Entertainment, JM Events Productions, M & P Machinas y CRJ Enterprises.


Información y boletos : 787-303-0334 ó info@prticket.com